The Maine Bicentennial Moments are 30-second public service announcements featuring Maine history. Each PSA includes images and documents from the Archives and other sources to highlight a particular person, place or event in Maine history. These PSAs will be aired on broadcast television throughout the State during the bicentennial commemoration period in addition to being posted online. Batches of PSAs will be released seasonally during the bicentennial commemoration period, taking viewers from Maine’s Act of Admission to the Union all the way up to modern times. Each PSA is meant to pique viewers’ interest and encourage further exploration of the topic.


Submissions from 2020

Augustin Thompson/ Moxie

Chester Greenwood/ Earmuffs

Fly Rod Crosby

G. H. Bass

J.B. Couture/ Le Messager

J.B. Couture/Le Messager

John Calvin Stevens

Lombard Log Hauler

Monhegan Artists

Oliver Otis Howard

Scott and Helen Nearing

Smiths State Park donations

William Clark Noble/ Lady of Wisdom


Clyde Sukeforth/ Major League Baseball

Edwin Arlington Robinson

Florence Whitehouse/ Women's Suffrage

Hugh Chisholm/International Paper Co.

John Poor

Joseph Sayward/Maine Turnpike Authority

Leslie Dyer/Lobstermen

Llewlyn Edwards' Cobwork Bridge

Old Orchard Beach Pier/ Herbert Hildreth

Rachel Carson

Rudy Vallee

Sarah Sampson

William Pitt Fessenden

Wyman Blueberries

Benjamin Bates (Mill, College)

Bernard "Blackie" Langlais

Dorothea Dix

Edmund Muskie

First Maine Heavy Artillery

Harris Plaisted 11th Maine

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

James G. Blaine

Lakewood Theater

Pete Newell / Liberty Ships

Sarah Orne Jewett

Thomas Brackett Reed

Thomas Hyde - BIW

Togus Veterans' Hospital

Walter Wyman- CMP

Winslow Homer

Submissions from 2019


Acadia National Park

Adjutant Gen. Hodsdon

Amos Winter & Sugarloaf

Atlantic Coast Pilot Logs

Baxter State Park

Colby College

Fire Tower Maps

Gen. Joshua Chamberlain

Gov. James Longley

L.L. Bean

Margaret Chase Smith

Myron Avery/ Appalachian Trail

The 16th Maine

University of Maine - Samuel Cony

Augusta Chosen as Capitol

Bowdoin College

Gov. William King

Hodgdon Yachts

Kennebec Arsenal

Maine's Border Treaty

Maine Tourmaline

Poland Spring

The Abyssinian Church

The Aroostook War

The Bulfinch-designed Capitol Building

The Treat Journal

Tribal Fishing Rights

Vice President Hannibal Hamlin

Welcome to Maine's Bicentennial Commemoration