Government Documents Frequently Asked Questions for Contributors

State law, Title 1, Chapter 13, Section 501-A, requires agencies to send copies of all their publications (see law for more detail) to the Maine State Library to serve as a permanent record. Since many agencies do not keep copies of their own, this requirement ensures that these publications will always be available as public documents.

  1. What types of documents should we submit to Maine State Library?
  2. The State Library maintains a permanent collection of agency publications that are primarily, but not necessarily limited to, all publications intended for the public.

    In contrast, The State Library is not required to collect items that may be collected by Maine State Archives. For example, agency records and internal reports, records of the Commissioner, agency budget drafts, emails and correspondence, etc. See State of Maine e-Mail and Digital Records Retention Guide.

    The Golden Rule: If an agency publishes (print or digitally/web) a document for the public, the Maine State Library is required to store and make accessible a permanent copy of that document/publication.

  3. Should the document be submitted digitally or physically?
  4. If a document is published and is only intended to remain in a digital/web format, then the Maine State Library only requires that this document be posted to the Maine State Documents digital repository.

    One copy of any document that is printed for publication should be physically sent to the Maine State Library so it may be stored in Maine State Library’s ‘print’ collection. Additionally, the agency is required to submit the electronic format of this document to the Maine State Document digital repository.

  5. Where do we send the copies of our publications?
  6. Electronic Documents: posted at

    For training to post to Maine State Documents, please contact the library (see Q.4).

    Physical documents should be sent to:

    Maine State Library, 64 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333. You should send them to the attention of Government Documents.

  7. How do we contact the Library for more information?
  8. Phone number is 287-5600 and the government documents email is: Please don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions.