Neutral No More: Maine Mobilizes for the Great War
In 1917 America was preparing for war. The war was being fought in Europe for three years by this point, and the likelihood of American involvement was increasing. By March and April of 1917, the Maine National Guard was beginning to actively recruit to build up strength as they began to prepare for the inevitable. Finally, on April 2nd, President Woodrow Wilson asked Congress for a declaration of war, and on April 6th war was declared. Maine was prepared and the National Guard units were ready to go to war. The Legislature immediately took action in the final days of their session to pass laws related to the National Guard and to prepare for the war and its effects. The Governor and Executive Council, too, took steps to prepare for the war. And of course, the people of Maine took their own actions to prepare, to fight, and to help those who were fighting. This exhibit highlights some of the collections held at the Maine State Archives that speak to how Maine responded to the war and Maine’s role in the war.


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