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Report Cover

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Revision and Contact Information

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Table of Contents

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chap_1.pdf (479 kB)
Chapter 1: What is a Library?

chap_2.pdf (450 kB)
Chapter 2: Types of Boards

chap_3.pdf (374 kB)
Chapter 3: The Trustee Job Description

chap_4.pdf (462 kB)
Chapter 4: Who Runs the Library?

chap_5.pdf (376 kB)
Chapter 5: Bylaws—Organizing the Board for Effective Action

chap_6.pdf (577 kB)
Chapter 6: Effective Board Meetings and Trustee Participation

chap_7.pdf (278 kB)
Chapter 7: Hiring a Library Director

chap_8.pdf (565 kB)
Chapter 8: Evaluating the Director

chap_9.pdf (272 kB)
Chapter 9: The Library Board and Library Personnel

chap_10.pdf (467 kB)
Chapter 10: Developing the Library Budget

chap_11.pdf (588 kB)
Chapter 11: Managing the Library’s Money

chap_12.pdf (480 kB)
Chapter 12: Developing Essential Library Policies

chap_13.pdf (473 kB)
Chapter 13: Planning for the Library’s Future

chap_14.pdf (264 kB)
Chapter 14: Library Standards

chap_15.pdf (266 kB)
Chapter 15: Library Advocacy

chap_16.pdf (267 kB)
Chapter 16: The Library Board - Open Meetings and Public Records

chap_17.pdf (366 kB)
Chapter 17: Boards of Charitable Corporation and Nonprofit Libraries

chap_18.pdf (274 kB)
Chapter 18: Membership in the Maine Regional Library System

chap_19.pdf (380 kB)
Chapter 19: Library Building and Services Accessibility

chap_20.pdf (267 kB)
Chapter 20: Library Friends Groups

chap_21.pdf (374 kB)
Chapter 21: Trustee Orientation and Continuing Education

chap_22.pdf (492 kB)
Chapter 22: The Library Advisory Board

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Appendices Index

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Appendix A

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Appendix B

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Appendix C

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Appendix D

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