The House of Representatives is the lower chamber of the Maine Legislature and has, by Article IV, Part Third, Section 9 of the Maine Constitution, the sole power to originate bills for the raising of revenue and, by Article IV, Part First, Section 8 of the Maine Constitution, the sole power to impeach, although impeachments are tried in the Senate. The House is the sole judge of the qualifications of its own members, determines its own rules for House proceedings, may alone punish its own members, keeps a journal of its proceedings, and has the power to imprison persons who are not House members for contempt.

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Submissions from 2013


Maine Constitution. 2013

Submissions from 2002


Forest Certification in Maine: Report of the Speaker’s Advisory Council on Forest Certification, April 2002, Maine State Legislature and Bill Brown

Books from 1893


Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of James Gillespie Blaine of Augusta, Maine, Maine State Legislature

Submissions from 1820


Maine Constitution. 1820