Civil War Hospital Returns

Civil War Hospital Returns

Records of Maine soldiers in Union Army hospitals 1862-1865 in Maryland, Virginia, New York, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Florida, and Washington, D.C. areas. Records include soldier's name, company, regiment, residence, name of hospital and date of arrival, ward, type of disease or injury, and remarks. Record arrangement varies by hospital, regiment, or date.


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10th Maine Regiment

16th Maine Regiment

17th Maine Regiment

19th Maine Regiment

1st Maine Regiment and Cavalry - Hospital Records, Washington Area 1863

20th Maine Regiment

2nd Maine Cavalry, New Orleans & Barrancas, Florida

2nd Maine Regiment

3rd Maine Regiment

4th Maine Regiment

5th Maine Regiment

6th Maine Regiment

7th Maine Regiment

Citizens Volunteer Hospital

Cony Hospital, Augusta, Maine

Maine Soldiers in Maryland Hospitals

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