Advertisement of an Honest Rumseller as it Should Be!


Advertisement of an Honest Rumseller as it Should Be!

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Maine State Library


A broadside produced by a temperance society.


FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS: Having just opened a commodious

shop for the sale' of “Liquid Fire” I embrace this early opportunity of informing you that, on Saturday'next, I shall commence the business of making drunkards, paupers, and beggars for the sober, industrious, and respectable portion of the community to support.

I shall deal in "familiar spirits" which 'will excite men to deeds of riot robbery, and blood; and, by so doing, diminish the comforts, augment the expenses, and endanger the welfare of the community.

I will undertake, at a short notice, for a small sum, and with great expedition, to PREPARE Victims for the Asylums, the Poor-Houses, the prisons and the Gallows.

I will furnish an article which will increase the amount of fatal accidents multiply the number of distressing diseases, and render those which are harmless incurable.

I shall deal in drugs, which will deprive some of life, many of reason most of property, and all of peace, which will cause the fathers to become fiends, wives widows, children orphans, and all mendicants.

I will cause many of the rising generation to grow up in ignorance, and prove a burden and a nuisance to the nation.

I will cause mothers to forget their offspring, and cruelty to take the place of love.

I will sometimes even corrupt the ministers of religion, obstruct the progress of the Gospel. Defile the purity of the church, and cause temporal, spiritual, and eternal death; and, if any should be so impertinent as to ask why have the audacity to bring such accumulated misery upon a comparatively happy people, my honest reply is Money.

The Spirit Trade is lucrative, and some professing Christians give it their cheerful countenance.

I have a License; and, if I do not bring these evils upon you, somebody else will.

I live in a Land of Liberty.

I have purchased the RIGHT to DEMOLISH the character, destroy the health, shorten the lives, and ruin the souls of those who choose to honor me \with their custom.

I pledge myself to do all I have herein promised. Those who wish any of the evils above specified, brought upon themselves or their dearest friends are requested to meet me at my BAR, where I will. for a few cents, furnish them with the certain means of doing so.

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Advertisement of an Honest Rumseller as it Should Be!



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