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Promoting responsible government requires transparency and focusing on common sense reforms that make better use of your tax dollars.

Hello, this is Governor Paul LePage.

As Governor, I have worked hard to instill fiscal responsibility by reducing Maine’s pension debt, paying welfare debt owed to hospitals, and advocating for budgets without gimmicks that are truly balanced. It’s a record of accomplishment I am proud of, but it is only the beginning. The LePage Administration has set clear priorities that focus on creating a more prosperous place for Mainers in the State we call home. These initiatives include job creation, lowering taxes and welfare reform. Each of these areas is important, and it all starts with the Maine economy. My background in business provides me the knowledge needed to attract new investment and keep it here. It’s why I continue to push for lower energy prices, reducing the regulatory burden and becoming a more business-friendly state. The right policies can help Maine attract companies and grow jobs.

Lowering taxes is another critical component in making Maine prosperous. Restructuring the State's tax system puts more money into hard-working Mainers' pockets, allowing them to prosper and leading to a more stable economy. Liberals would rather grow government and increase taxes to pay for programs that increase government dependency. I want to right-size government and let you keep more of your hard-earned money.

Millions of your tax dollars go to welfare. While some liberal politicians want to keep spending more of your money on a broken system, our administration has a pragmatic approach to helping those who are truly needy. By reforming welfare, we empower Mainers toward economic independence and relieve pressure on the budget.

Today, one in three Mainers is enrolled in Medicaid, a program that has grown by $1 billion since 2000. We want to improve the system by helping individuals reach economic stability through programs that support job preparedness and provide an adequate safety net for our most vulnerable citizens. We simply cannot afford to keep adding people to the welfare rolls and throwing money at the problem.

I take my responsibility as Governor seriously, and it’s important for Mainers to know where I stand. Often times, political rhetoric hinders progress because the goals are not clear. Now and in the future, we will continue to increase job opportunities with good public policy that strengthens economic development, reduces taxes, and reforms welfare. These are actions that will speak louder than words.

Thank you for listening.

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