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This is Governor John Baldacci.

Whether you joined the millions in Times Square in New York, the crowd in West Market Square in Bangor or celebrated at home with family and friends, we are all glad to welcome in a new year.

As the new year arrives, it brings with it renewal and a new hope for all that is possible in 2009.

We've moved beyond the winter solstice and the deepest darkness of winter. Each day forward brings longer days, a brighter sun and new optimism.

This past year has been tough.

We've ridden a roller coaster on energy prices, and watched as the country's economy has stumbled into a national recession.

And while there are still tough times ahead, I know that just as the winter days will start to get longer and the sunshine of spring will return, we will move beyond our current challenges to better times.

Here in Maine, our strengths will allow us to overcome the current economic crisis and build a future of prosperity.

We have unparalleled natural resources; we have a superior quality of life; and we have the best people.

I have been saying that for years – but visitors, business people who have come from all over the world to set up shop here in Maine and hire people in Maine.

Whether it’s Boston Financial, or it’s Athena Healthcare, or NotifyMD, it’s always been about the people. It’s really the people that draw people and opportunities to this State.

So if we continue to work hard to protect those things that make Maine special; invest in our ability to capture clean, renewable energy; and if we continue to display our world-renowned work ethic, we are going to make it through these difficult times.

And we have a couple of examples of that.

Just a few weeks ago I was visiting the Maine Diner in Wells. They were welcoming their five millionth customer.

It was a way for them to promote their business and also draw in customers and to be able to recognize that there are going to be tough times.

But as the owners had told me, they got the workers together, and they said “We have been through tough times before and we have gotten through it. And we are going to go through tough times again. But if we can work together, we are going to be able to be successful and come out of this stronger, better, and be able to recognize the future opportunities that are in front of us.”

Well, that is the same type of mindset and leadership that will help all of us through this economic storm.

And you’ve seen it. Whether it’s an ice storm or a financial ice storm - when you look out for each other, when you support each other, when you’re “neighbor helping neighbor” and have a can-do attitude, we can go a long way and we are going to get through this.

Week after week this fall, we saw another example from the attitude of another Mainer.

On December 14th, it was Bob Crowly – better known as "Survivor Bob.” He was crowned the winner of the 17th season of TV reality show, "Survivor."

Bob didn't have it easy and it is fair to say that no previous winner of Survivor ever has.

But he saw what needed to be done, he maintained a winning attitude, and he took home a $1 million prize as a result.

Bob is a teacher at Gorham high School with a dedicated attitude. In fact, despite winning $1 million dollars on December 14th, his students were still given a previously scheduled exam on December 15th. Now that is a good, determined teacher who sticks to his plan and he is going to have good students as a result!

What I also like about Bob is the fact that in winning the Survivor series, he never became someone who he wasn’t. He always represented Maine. He was “Bob from Maine.” He was Bob representing Maine, the ambassador from Maine. He was Bob sticking to his basic values and never having to do things that he would live to regret later on.

So that’s why if we look at our State and we look at our natural resources and we look at the people of our State, it’s recognizing the strengths of both and being able to make sure that working together and utilizing those natural strengths that we have and not trying to be somebody that we’re not, we can attain and achieve the opportunities here in our State.

So we don’t have to see our children leave and go elsewhere finding opportunity. So they can find it here along with their children and grandchildren.

This State is a great State. And we are going to have great opportunities.

If we work together and look out for each other – it’s neighbor helping neighbor, people pulling together regardless of democrat republican or independent, and what’s good for people and what’s good for the State. And that’s what we need to focus on in this New Year.

So thank you for listening and Happy New Year to each and every one of you. And God bless our troops and their families.

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