The Department of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management protects the lives, property and welfare of the people by maintaining the National Guard, providing veterans services and coordinating emergency management. Maine Guard Values Integrity: Personal honesty in word and action. Loyalty: Supporting the MEARNG mission and welfare of its soldiers. Compassion: Understanding individual needs and the capability of prioritizing organizational needs against individual needs. Commitment: Willing to accept the mission and maintain the necessary follow-through to complete the task to the best of your ability. Selfless: Service is the willingness to place the needs of the MEARNG above self. Family: Recognition that we must consider the family in decisions affecting readiness. Professionalism: Members of the organization take their jobs seriously, meet or exceed published standards, and seek self improvemen

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Submissions from 2015


The 39th Adjutant General of Maine Annual Address to the 127th Legislature 2015, Maine Army National Guard and Maine Department of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management