Established through a legislative act in 1971, the Maine Historic Preservation Commission is an independent agency within the Executive branch of state government that functions as the State Historic Preservation Office. The Commission is responsible for the identification, evaluation, and protection of Maine's significant cultural resources as directed by the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966.

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Submissions from 2015


Heritage for the Future 2016-2021 Edition, Maine Historic Preservation Commission and Maine State Historic Preservation Office

Submissions from 2013


Maine State Cultural Affairs Council 2012 Annual Report, Maine State Library, Maine Historic Preservation Commission, Maine State Museum, and Maine Arts Commission

Submissions from 2006


Above Ground Cultural Resource Survey Manual: Guidelines for Identification: Architecture and Cultural Landscapes, Maine Historic Preservation Commission

Submissions from 1997


The Kennebec Arsenal: An Historical and Architectural Survey, 1997, Maine Historic Preservation Commission, Kennebec Historical Society, Augusta Historic Preservation Commission, Marius B. Peladeau, and Roger G. Reed

Submissions from 1996


A Heritage for the Future: A Plan for Preserving Maine's Historic and Archaeological Resources, Maine Historic Preservation Commission

Submissions from 1992


Maine Prehistoric Archaeological Sites : Introduction and Management, Arthur Spiess

Submissions from 1987


Michaud, a Paleoindian Site in the New England-Maritimes Region, Arthur E. Spiess, Deborah Brush Wilson, Maine Archaeological Society, and Maine Historic Preservation Commission

Submissions from 1979


Discovering Maine's archaeological heritage 1979, David Sanger, Robert L. Bradley, Robert G. McKay, and Bruce J. Bourque