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Entries include the brief biographical information of Underwood a native of Phillips, Maine, and a widely known author, linguist, and translator traveling the world and corresponding with the Maine State Library -- some confusion concerning the amount of mail Underwood received upon returning from her travels (sometimes 30 pounds, 3,000 pieces, or eight bushels of mail -- forcing her to take a hotel room to sort through it) and the time it took to respond caused an omission of information sent by Underwood as a reference for a 1928 issue of the Maine Library Bulletin causing her to feel aggrieved despite the invitation of the Maine state librarian to the Maine Author Collection, years of Underwood's typed and handwritten letters on stationery with the letter 'U,' plain paper, and personal stationery from Hamilton Grange Station, New York City, and Arkansas City, Kansas, describe print coverage reviews and her travels to collect the works of world poets such as Tu Fu, the Arab poets of Sicily, Egyptian poets, poets of the Indian Ocean, poets of Haiti, and Slavic poets for Underwood's translation, several print publisher advertisement pages featuring Underwood's Mosher Press books are presented, a newspaper book review clipping concerning Underwood's translation of The Spirit of the Andes by Peruvian poet Jose Santos Chocano who chose Underwood as a translator before being stabbed to death while in political exile in Chile as her book was being completed and discussing her connection to Alfonso XIII of Spain to whom the book was dedicated and his private secretary the Duke de la Torres, typed notice in a 1935 letter from Underwood of reviews about her translations of the Chinese poet Tu Fu published in Germany and written by an Austrian diplomat who was knowledgeable on this subject, a biographical newspaper book review clipping with an illustration of and biographical information about the poet Chocano, a typed letter concerning articles written by Underwood about Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic under the patronage of then president Rafael Trujillo prior to his death by assassination in 1961, a typed letter from the Maine State Library with hopes that Underwood's articles from the West Indian Review would appear in book form, a typed letter concerning her book Maine Summers and anthologies of poems written to mothers as well as notice of French honors such as a silver medal and a diploma, typed notice on becoming an honorary corresponding member of the Latin American Institute of Culture in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as well as her intent to send foreign language material to libraries in the state of Maine, a handwritten appeal for her translation of Saharan poet Koul to be read by librarians, and typed letters from the Maine State Library on receipt of Underwood's gift of a subscription to Le Bayou, a publication crowned by the French Academy and published in Houston, Texas. Date range: 1928/1946




Entry is the typed notice of receipt of the Guide Book for Mount Desert (missing) for the Maine Author Collection of the Maine State Library.

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